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Audio Energy 1200 and Audio Energy power leads

Posted by Dave Barrow on


Colossus 300b Power Amplifier

Wee Beastie Pre-Amp

Bricasti M1 Dac

Tannoy Monitor Gold 1960’s GRF Speakers

Audio Energy 1200 Power Conditioner

Audio Energy Power Leads

Hovland Speaker Cable

Missing Link interconnects

Windows 10 Computer using Apple Music


Kings of Leon - Walls

Joni Mitchell - Paprika Plains

Keb Mo - Henry

Steve Earle - Goodbye

Amos Lee – El Camino

Beethoven – 9th Symphony

Mahler – 8th Symphony

Music Room

A Cellar 18 feet x 15 feet x 6ft 6


Until very recently my system had evolved gradually to an expensive yet excellent musical tool using an Apple Mac Mini and Apple Music to provide me with many hours of musical delight in what I refer to as the Fred West Suite.

My system was hacked and my Amazon account compromised so I determined to get rid of my Mac and start using a Windows 10 machine which my Hifi supplier and friend Donald Pirie had built for me. At the same time, Donald provided me with an Audio Energy 1200 Power Conditioner and dedicated Audio Energy Power cables for my other equipment.

The improvement in the system by the combination of the Audio Energy 1200 power conditioner and the dedicated cables has been quite dramatic and what I thought was an excellent sound has been transformed to a cleaner more musical system in which the presentation of the voices that is the clarity and timbre has been dramatic and remarkable.I have often heard that the use of esoteric cables was snake oil but I must say that Donald has come up trumps with this product and I look forward to changing my other components such as speaker cables and interconnects that are hand made using the finest parts by Audio Energy. Let your ears be the judge and arrange a demonstration with Donald Pirie.

Brooklyn Bridge PSU for Mytek Brooklyn DAC - full review

If you are reading these comments, then the chances are that you have either bought a Mytek Brooklyn, or are considering buying one. Whichever it is, one thing I can tell you for certain is that the Brooklyn Bridge PSU is in my opinion an essential upgrade for the already fantastic Mytek Brooklyn.Donald at Musicarch will assist and advise you without any [...]

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Brooklyn Bridge PSU for Mytek Brooklyn DAC

Our customer Neil thinks the Brooklyn Bridge is so good that he does not have time to send us a proper review.  He is too busy listening to his music!Just got up and now chilling out listening to my lovely music for a while :-) searching out all my favourite tracks because now they sound so [...]

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Mytek Brooklyn DAC PSU

We supplied Neil with our own PSU for the Mytek Brooklyn DAC.  It is called Brooklyn BridgeThis is what he has to say about it:Wow! There is so much more detail and stereo image revealed, sounds so lovely and smooth, thanks Donald :-) Another level!  The Brooklyn is so much more with the Bridge, there's no point in [...]

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Benchmark AHB2 review

I changed my complete NAIM set up some time ago. Part of the change was to replace my Naim 300 Power amp and its separate Power Supply, which consisted of two large full rack size units, by a single Benchmark AHB2 power amp.The AHB2 is a very compact Amp, and is quite a bit smaller [...]

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Mytek Brooklyn DAC review

After owning a high quality DAC that I was very pleased with just over a year ago, I thought I was satisfied with the sound of my system. I seriously didn't think I could get much more out of my little B&W PM1s, I never realised how wrong I was.After a chat with Donald at [...]

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Dave's thoughts on Bricasti M1 DAC

My current DAC is a Bricasti M1- it is brilliant and easy to use and whilst it is very expensive it outperforms all other products including the similarly priced esoteric products such as the Weiss MAN301. Its nearest competitor is probably the Mytek Manhattan at less than half or a third of the price sound quality at all levels is superb and it [...]

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Neil's comments on Mytek Brooklyn

I thought I'd drop you a quick message to let you know how I'm doing with the Brooklyn.After about 60 hours use the Brooklyn is sounding amaaaaazing. I think it was about after 30 to 40 hours run in the Brooklyn really started to open up massively. Such a beautiful deep bass but so clear also, thank you [...]

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