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Audio Energy 1200

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Product Description

The Audio Energy 1200 power conditioner by James Audio is, we believe, the best audiophile power conditioner available today. It is a reference grade mains conditioning and distribution solution for a complete system.  It incorporates high quality components and even custom designed and made components. 

This is the best mains conditioner money can buy.  Release the potential of your audio system with The Audio Energy 1200!

Unlike other mains conditioners, the Audio Energy has 6 outlets each one of which can serve high draw equipment such as power amplifiers or subwoofers. The output sockets each have a shunt filter block directly behind the socket.  These filter blocks are wired back to a central distribution filter block via individual twisted-pair heavy cables.  This permits use of two high draw mono amplifiers and a high draw subwoofer which is not the case with other mains conditioners that provide only 2 high output sockets.  

Power at the output sockets is galvanically isolated from the mains network by a specially designed, innovative, custom-built isolation transformer, which also incorporates an earthed screen between its input and output. This component is at the heart of a complex wide-band filter.

The Audio Energy 1200 has been designed for both solid state and valve equipment including Pure Class A power amplifiers.

When coupled with high quality audio equipment, during silent music passages its ‘black velvet’ stillness is truly awesome. With the AE1200, music is more detailed, lively and dynamic. ‘Silence’ is at a lower level while the transients are cleaner and more relaxed.

The construction uses a custom EMC enclosure and RF techniques to ensure that the filters are not by-passed at radio frequencies but remain effective into the microwave region. Both the transmission modes are optimised using a spectrum analyser with tracking generator and pre-selector. Over the measurement range, 100kHz to 1800MHz, the attenuation remains above 60dB, i.e. less than one millionth of the RF noise on the mains gets to the outputs.

The Audio Energy 1200 eliminates the annoying acoustic ‘buzz’ which is occasionally heard from the enclosure of some hi-fi units, especially amplifiers. This is caused by low levels of DC on the mains, due to single-rectifier loads, such as a hair-dryer on the ‘low’ setting. It can push the magnetic circuit of normal toroidal power-supply transformers into the saturation region, causing a dramatic increase in audible noise.

Each output socket has a dedicated filter system, linked to the central distribution conditioning block. This reduces the noise coupled between hi-fi separates and can prove especially beneficial if units have a switch-mode power supply.

The conditioner includes over-voltage clamping, as well as more than 4,000 volts galvanic isolation, so hi-fi equipment connected via this unit enjoys considerable protection from potentially disastrous high-voltage transient events on the mains.

The Audio Energy 1200 power conditioner is suitable for hi-fi systems with a total RMS output power up to 600W (250W in the case of pure Class A power amplifiers). It can easily supply the additional requirements of several hi-fi separate sound sources. It offers the combined advantages of isolation transformers and high attenuation filters but overcomes the limitations of either and brings many additional benefits.

The conditioner even comes with a cable specifically designed and tested for use with the unit.  It's not just that the right-angle IEC inlet dresses the mains-lead away from the output leads, although this is important. If you look in real-time at the frequency spectrum of a signal injected at the input, to measure how much is coupled to the outputs, you see a massive lift in coupling at high frequencies (UHF / microwaves) if the input lead is moved close to the output leads.

This direct coupling is bypassing of the filter and is happening outside the enclosure.  There is nothing you can put inside the box to mitigate the effect.  You can however change the properties of the lead.

The ferrite sleeves at each end of the supplied lead do impede its ability to act as an aerial,  helping with the above effect and also reducing some of the HF mains-borne RFI heading into the enclosure.

Key features

  • Focuses soundstage giving greater clarity
  • Filters out noise caused by other appliances such as computer equipment, electric motors, domestic appliances, dimmer switches
  • Eliminates DC buzz
  • Designed for use with all equipment including Pure Class A amplifiers
  • All output sockets are capable of high power output making the Audio Energy 1200 unique
  • Protection from mains spikes
  • Supplied power lead specifically designed for the unit
  • 36 month warranty


  • Rated voltage: 220 – 240V, single phase
  • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rating:  1kVA
  • Maximum (continuous) output current:  4A
  • Maximum input current:  6 A
  • Input fuse type:  10 A(T), 250 VAC ceramic
  • Available in 110V or 220V
  • Available in Schuko or UK  3 pin
  • Black or silver face plate
  • Blue or green lit power switch
  • Suitable for audio systems up to as total RMS power output of 600W (250W in the case of pure Class A power amplifiers)
  • Dimensions: 44 (W), 29 (D), 12 (H)
  • Weight: 18 Kg

Warranty Information

36 months

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